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A Blog about Real Estate, How it Can Be Damaged, and Disputes Over its Transfer

This blog is a personal blog written to discuss legal issues affecting Georgia property, and how it is damaged, transferred, and fought over. I write this partly to keep abreast of the law, and partly to offer a forum for my writing. In order to find content, I often analyze Georgia Supreme Court decisions. I try to update this blog as I can, but writing is a time consuming process.

Author's Other Practice Areas

This blog was created to focus on issues regarding Georgia property law. Teague & Zeliff, LLC is a small law firm with four (4) attorneys who practices range from business law to criminal law. We work on litigated cases and also do work on legal issues involving franchise agreements, business formations, estates and wills, and personal injury claims. In addition, we have an attorney that handles employment disputes involving the EEOC, OSHA, and discrimination claims.